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EFG 289 - Friday Night Spectacular

Posted by El Gringo Loco | 06 Mar 2015

As many of you know, Boardwalk Wrestling was hacked earlier in the week. They were able to recover everything, but Michael Pettis will come on the show to expose the identity of the hacker. He'll also be here to catch us up on everything Boardwalk Wrestling!

But first, Shawn Scholefield with join Jorden and Jesse to talk about FIGHT 1 Experience!

Listen in at 9PM EST, 8PM Central, 6PM Pacific!
EFG 289 Friday Night Primetime Spectacular with Jorden Snow and Jesse Ramey

Boardwalk Wrestling
FIGHT 1 Experience

Posted by El Gringo Loco | 02 Mar 2015

As posted in the #BATTLEMANIA forum on FWrestling.com just minutes ago, we have been alerted that Dexter Anthony will be unable to compete this year due to unforeseen circumstances. This means we can guarantee AT LEAST ONE alternate will get a chance to post an RP and compete for the grand prize in this year's #BATTLEMANIA. For more information, please visit http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?29682-OPEN-SPOT-FOR-ALTERNATE&goto=newpost.
EFG #288 The Judges Special!

Posted by Jorden Snow | 01 Mar 2015

If you missed the special Saturday broadcast of EFed Guerilla Radio hosted by El Gringo Loco ( @efedguerillas ) then you missed what has been dubbed, "The Judges Special." This edition of EFed Guerilla Radio was dedicated to BATTLEMANIA talk, specifically the chance to hear from the judges of the event and what they liked about Roleplays. Make sure you go check out the episode by following the link below.

LINK: Click Here!

Posted by Jorden Snow | 01 Mar 2015

If you've been keeping up with the EFed Guerilla Radio website over the past few days and apparently a group of you have as we are close to 300 visits to the website, you'll notice that we've added a link to BATTLEMANIA! It's even in a fancy red font color and stuff, so it sticks out. For now, this will be a place for us to showcase all of the threads that are character specific to BATTLEMANIA! We aren't going to put up a link to each persons biography, but all of the "Trash Talk" and "Roleplay" threads, we'll list and link back to the proud sponsor of EFed Guerilla Radio and BATTLEMANIA, fWrestling!
EFG #288 Up Next!

Posted by Jorden Snow | 28 Feb 2015

If you missed us last night, we presented you with Episode #287 of the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast). The show was hosted by a slew of EFG regulars including; Thomas Ford, Lindz, JTheRipper, Jesse Ramey and Jorden Snow. The usual voice of EFG, El Gringo Loco was conspicuous by his absence, but he will be back later today (2/28) at 4pm EST / 3pm CST as he hosts Episode #288 of the EFed Guerilla Podcast, subtitled- The BATTLEMANIA Judges Special. Make sure you tune in! Also check out the Past Show archives here on the site to find a link to Friday's Episode (287).

Saturdays Special: CLICK HERE!
EFG #287 - Friday Spectacular (2/27)

Posted by Jorden Snow | 26 Feb 2015

Join the EFed Guerilla Radio cast for the usual Friday Night Primetime episode of the show. Hosts for the show are scheduled to be El Gringo Loco (@efedguerillas), Jesse Ramey (@ACWAntiStar), JThaRipper (@THEJThaRipper) and Jorden Snow (@snowjorden). The topics are going to range from EFG BATTLEMANIA to special interviews with @Megastory4 and @Ryan_Omega_VOW. Not to mention the long awaited debut of the Commercials that'd been advertised, will air. Join us for everything EFG on Friday 2/27/2015 @ 9pm EST / 8pm CST!

LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2015/02/28/efg-287--friday-night-spectacular

Posted by Jorden Snow | 22 Feb 2015

It is official folks, in just under 32 hours we reached our number for signups for BATTLEMANIA! We have all 30 people now officially signed up for the BATTLEMANIA event. We are still taking signups for alternates though, in case anyone is to no-show the roleplay period. So please, if you still want to be involved, find the proper thread in the BATTLEMANIA section of fWrestling and still fill out the application.

Stay tuned to both this very website and fWrestling later today for details about the roleplay period and at least one special broadcast of the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast) that we plan on airing. There's many things afoot in the jungle and we will be bringing you all of that starting today.

Check out fWrestling for all things BATTLEMANIA!
EFG Presents... BATTLEMANIA!!!

Posted by El Gringo Loco | 21 Feb 2015

We'd been telling you that we were going to have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on last night's show, and about 90 minutes in we made the announcement. Efed Guerillas are partnering with FWrestling.com to put on our very first interfed event, the 30 person battle royal known as BATTLEMANIA!

In addition to the prizes we came up with on our own for the winner (bragging rights, some nifty graphics, and hyping the HELL out of your character through our podcast and website) we were very pleasantly surprised by EWZine.com deciding to sponsor the event by graciously offering their own $50 cash prize to the handler who wins. And as unexpected as that was, the surprise didn't stop there. Former EFG co-host Colin Gear offered to put up ANOTHER $100 to the winner, as well! Huge thanks to our two new BATTLEMANIA sponsors!

We've already had five entrants since the announcement live on the air (okay so one signed up BEFORE it was officially announced!) Congratulations to Emevlas Stastias on being the first person to enter! Other entrants so far include: Al Envy and Austen Impact both from NEW, Blue Suede Bruce from VoW, and THE ICON Michael Lee Best from HOW!

For more information or to register for BATTLEMANIA, please visit the BATTLEMANIA forum on FWrestling.com.
The Website is LIVE!

Posted by Jorden Snow | 20 Feb 2015

Thank you for coming to the NEW home of the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast). Anything you'd want to know about EFG can be found on this website. You can use the links to the left to find out about the history of the show, you can read about the Hosts and Co-Hosts of the show. We have previews of upcoming episodes and a listing of all the past episodes. As you can also see, we will eventually have columns written here on the website.

In addition to all of that, we also have the 88x31 link button exchange. If you'd like to have your 88x31 featured on the EFG website, please contact us through email or on twitter @efedguerillas. There's also a banner rotation advertisement spot at the top of the website. It's not currently being put into use, but in the very near future we will announce the details on how you can have your own advertisement at the top of our website.

Also, we have a link to fWrestling as our "Community." fWrestling is the proud sponsor of EFed Guerilla Radio and we wish to thank Chad Merritt for all that he has done to help us continue broadcasting for over four years now. Due to his faithful devotion to EFG, we have decided that his forum community will be the one we link to in our navigation. Keep in mind, if you own a forum community and would like to have it featured as an 88x31 link button or even in the future in the top featured banner advertisement, we do NOT wish to distances ourselves from anyone in eWrestling. You're more than welcome to connect your Community to EFG.

Finally, tune in tonight to EFG #285 - Friday Night Primtime Spectacular at 9pm EST / 8pm CST for a MAJOR announcement on the future of the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast) and something very special we have in the works.
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