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UWL Interfed Rankings Released

Posted by El Gringo Loco | 28 Feb 2015

Earlier in the week, on Sunday, February 15, 2015, to be exact, the UWL interfed released its first ever wrestler rankings list. The rankings apply only to UWL participants and participants in efeds under the UWL umbrella. I'm told that in order to challenge for certain UWL based championships, efedders will need to rank within certain ranges. These are: Top 10 (mens) for the UWL World Title, top 20 (mens) for the UWL American Title, top 5 (womens) for the UWL QOW Title, top 5 (Jr Heavyweight) for the UWL Jr Heavyweight Title. The full list of rankings released by UWL can be found http://uwleague.net/rankings.htm. Or you can check UWLeague.net for more details.
The Angle Fed Special

Posted by Jorden Snow | 27 Feb 2015

Just last night the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast) aired another live show which centered around Angle Feds. This was a packed show with plenty of call-ins and big numbers in the chat and live listens. Make sure that you check out this show by either clicking the link below or heading over the Past Shows link.

EFed Guerillas would like to thank, Hardknox Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling Federation: Beautiful Strangers, Orion Pro, Global Championship Wrestling, The NBW, Legacy of Champions and jOlt Wrestling for being represented on the show. Thank you!

EFG - The Angle Fed Special
Buy The Snow

Posted by Jorden Snow | 27 Feb 2015

If you don't know who Jack "High Flyer" Harman is, you must have been living under a rock for the past 17 years. Recently EFG Host, Thomas Ford sat down for his "Getting To Know The Guerillas" Interview. It's a true education from one of the most famous names in eWrestling. Check it out!

EFG - Buy The Snow
The Book Of Manley

Posted by Jorden Snow | 27 Feb 2015

Have you been following along with the EFed Guerilla Radio's "Getting To Know The Guerillas," series? If not, you should. It's the brain child of one of the EFG Hosts, Jorden Snow (@snowjorden) where he sits down with each of the Hosts/Co-Hosts of the EFed Guerillas Radio (Podcast) and does an interview about their life and history in eWrestling.

The first "Getting To Know The Guerillas" interview was a two part interview with the first voice ever heard on the show; El Gringo Loco. The second interview was another of the EFG Originals, the current Jolt Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, "The Anti-Star" Jesse Ramey.

Yesterday evening Jorden Snow was at it again, joined by El Gringo Loco as they sat down with one of EFG and eWrestlings most out-spoken men; the handler of "The Superbeast," JThaRipper. You can find his interview by checking out the link to your left titled; "The Co-Hosts." Scroll down until you see the entry for JThaRipper, and his interview episode is linked there.

Stay tuned for more of the "Getting To Know The Guerillas" interview episodes as up next Jorden Snow will sit down with a man who was apart of eWrestling all the way back to the days of FWLNet & IWO, handler of "Highflyer," Tom Ford. Look for that interview to be online sometime early Thursday morning. And if you have any questions for Tom Ford, you can ask them by clicking HERE!
NEW Affiliate EFeds

Posted by Jorden Snow | 27 Feb 2015

The past few days have been a whirl wind of activity for the EFed Guerillas Radio (Podcast) and the new home, our website. If you look just over to your left and scroll down a slight bit, you'll see a section we have titled; The Animals. These are EFeds, Resource Sites, and Communities that we here at EFG have affiliated with. Over the course of the past few days we have added nine new 88x31s.

Those new affiliates to EFG are; 4CW, EAW, HKW, SWA, USPW, UWL, Boardwalk, NGSW and VOW.

If you'd like for your website to be affiliated with the EFed Guerillas Radio (Podcast), it's very easy to accomplish. Simply contact EFG through Twitter (@efedguerillas) or Facebook, send us some communication and together we'll get the ball rolling to have you added to our affiliates section.

We here at EFG are dedicated to spreading the word of eWrestling, so we are looking to affiliate with as many eWrestling websites as possible. No one will get turned down. So please, if you want to form a new friendship, do so.
EFG Launches New Website!

Posted by Jorden Snow | 27 Feb 2015

This is just a test to see if it will display how the old temp news that I wrote, displays.

This is where the news will be posted on the main website. So if you want to know about an upcoming show, the release of a show, some up coming guests or just any general news this is where you'd find it. As the other pages get put together you'd also use this section for all of the content. Such as.

Biographies of all the previous Co-Hosts of the EFed Guerillas Radio Show. A History of how the show got started as well as the mission and goal that the Podcast tries to achieve. You might also find other things here. This is a good thing, if we use this website because it allows us to really broaden our horizons.

I would even be really interested in setting up some Community Forums, that we might eventually use to really be a base of connecting people in the Community. I think with the popularity and noterity of the Efed Guerillas Radio Show, we could have a booming set of Community Forums once again, if done properly.
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